Price: $100/hour

AcupunctureLooking for a beauty

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific acupoints on the body to promote the flow of stagnant/blocked Qi.
Price: $100/hour

Fire CuppingLooking for a beauty

In general, cupping therapy uses glass cups placed on the skin by warming the air within the cup to create a vacuum. The tissues are then drawn into the cup.
Price: $110/hr

Registered Massage TherapyLooking for a beauty

Relaxation massage promotes a general sense of relaxation by using smooth, gentle hand techniques to relieve tension in muscles; increase circulation, reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep.
Price: $100/60min

OsteopathyLooking for a beauty

Osteopathy is a medical specialty that emphasizes providing therapy using a hands-on, holistic approach. It doesn't involve drugs and is non-invasive.
Price: 2 hours - $180

HomeopathyLooking for a beauty

Homeopathy is a 200 year old holistic and highly individualized system of natural medicine based on the law of similars which states that a substance that produces certain symptoms when given in large doses to a healthy person
Price: $40/20min

Red LightLooking for a beauty

In stressed and aging cells, the mitochondria produce nitric oxide (NO), which competes with oxygen for binding sites and prevents oxygen from binding to those sites during the respiratory process,
Price: $1/min

SaunaLooking for a beauty

Infrared saunas employ infrared lamps and electromagnetic wizardry to create warmth instead of steam or flame-stoked heat. Through this method, infrared saunas can function at a lower temperature and yet offer therapeutic advantages.
Price: $1/min

Cold PlungeLooking for a beauty

The ice plunge, or immersion in cold water, is said to offer a host of health advantages, ranging from enhanced mental and physical health to less pain in the muscles and improved sleep. What precisely does the body undergo by taking cold showers