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Infrared saunas employ infrared lamps and electromagnetic wizardry to create warmth instead of steam or flame-stoked heat. Through this method, infrared saunas can function at a lower temperature and yet offer therapeutic advantages.

Infrared saunas don’t just have a distinctive glow thanks to light panels. According to Mai-Yee Yue, the main difference between this approach and traditional saunas is the way they heat up the environment.

To provide heat therapy effects, infrared sauna lamps send a penetrating warmth onto your skin. The air inside a sauna is heated using traditional techniques.

These two methods result in wildly dissimilar thermometer readings. Infrared saunas typically have temperatures between 110- and 135-degrees Fahrenheit. In a traditional sauna, temperatures typically range from 150 to 195 F.

According to Mai-Yee Yue, infrared saunas can absolutely offer far greater comfort for users while still providing the same kinds of advantages.