Dr. Manesh ND

Dr. Manesh ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. Her journey started from practicing medicine for 27 years in Iran as a family physician. After moving to Canada, she discovered the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine. Along with her extensive medical knowledge and experience, she has a unique perspective, integrating the two worlds of medicine; Holistic and Allopathic, East and West, Ancient and Modern.

She visits patients from every walk of life. However, her main areas of practice include but are not limited to, Women health (PCOS, fertility, PMS), Skin issues (acne, eczema), digestive issues, metabolic concerns (Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight) , hormonal health (Thyroid, Adrenal) and stress management. She also provides anti-aging treatments through ‘Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture’. “Health Matters” is her motto, which allows her to work with you and help you physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that you can regain your joyful health back, and live healthier, happier lives for longer.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to find the root cause of disease and then stimulate the healing power of the body to heal holistically, not merely treat the symptomes.Finding the root cause is the primary goal and the next step is an individualized treatment plan based on picture presentation of the patient’s concern. The modalities that naturopathic medicine offer are diet and lifestyle optimization, natural therapies including botanical medicine, dietary adjustment, nutritional supplements, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation and traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture.

Service Mode Fee
Initial naturopathic consultation (60-75 min) Virtual (video or phone) $235
Subsequent follow up visit (60 min) In-person or virtual $185
Subsequent follow up visit (45 min) In-person or virtual $155
Subsequent follow up visit (30 min) In-person or virtual $115
Subsequent follow up visit (15 min) Check-in Only by phone call $65
Extended sessions will be charged according to the time-slot added.

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