Mahmood Mohseni

Mahmood Mohseni, DOMP, MD
Mahmood graduated with his Medical Science Degree from Medical University in Iran and had the privilege of caring for many patients as a family doctor before immigrating to Ontario, Canada in 2010.
Intrigued by holistic medicine and its effectiveness in treating musculoskeletal ailments naturally without artificial means or negative side effects often associated with chemical medications, Mahmood was led into the field of Osteopathy and obtained his Manual Osteopath degree from the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2013. Mahmood has received further accreditation from the Ontario Association of Osteopathy & Natural Medicine as well as the Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine.
Specialist: As a Manual Osteopath work on chronic pain in musculoskeletal system, joint and soft tissue who suffer from injury, sport, MVA and whiplash, sciatica, disc herniation, frozen shoulder, TOS and Nervous system, rehabilitation for disabilities.
Technique: osteopathy mobilization, joint play, Muscle Energy techniques, soft tissue work.
Years of experience for Osteopathy : 7 years
As an MD: 17 years

He speaks fluent Farsi (Persian) with English being his second language

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 Osteopath and MD
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